Fed up with email clutter? Just keep well-placed marks for your emails in your own 2D space. 

Move and arrange those marks in that 2D space as per your own needs. That way you will remember the layout of your emails. Kind of like a mind map. Leave small notes too in the same space, similarly. 

Double click on a mark and work on that email or note !   It is that simple!

Don't suffer email clutter! 
Get your emails well placed. 

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Emails are ubiquitous. They come from all kinds of places. Some important and some really not important. When emails are stacked one above the other-- as you see in all email clients -- they can drive you crazy. You can even feel that things are quite precarious! 

Instead, just select the emails that you really want to work on and remember, and store them as nice graphical marks in your own 2D space. Those marks will remain in your memory. You can also put up notes in a similar manner.

Often replying to an email can take time as they need to be done thoughtfully. That is where notes come handy.

You will feel happy that only the emails are all properly organized and you have the notes to reply to them too!
We are gently trying to disrupt the way emails are handled. For far too long, we have suffered the clutter of unread emails piled one on top of the other. The world desperately needs some peace and quiet! 

Though the service looks quite bare and simple, there is a lot of thought that has gone into it. The seed came from architecture. Go into any house. Your own house too! You will not find your postal mails, books, messages piled one on top of the other. It would be an ugly sight that will continuously irritate you. 

Instead, you will be beautifully arranging all that information in a well organized manner, in your own space. The books will go to the book shelf. The postal mails would be neatly in some tray on a table. The notes will be placed on a notice board, etc.  Our service is the 2D version of such a way of organizing your emails.

Get your life back. The complexity outside need not make your inner life complex!

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Get your mails well placed now!

All you need to start using our service is to simply use a suitable email client for your emails.  You can configure that email client without any restriction from our side. Set up all the email accounts that you use.

Currently we support Thunderbird. It is free and very versatile. It can handle emails you get from anywhere.

Then download a tiny little utility that runs in your computer. Start your account with us. Then select a suitable SVG backdrop for your 2D space.

Install the free FiltaQuilla add-on inside Thunderbird.  

Once that is done, setup a simple filter for each email account you have as per our instructions shown in the video here. 

Our utility will then automatically detect all your incoming emails. They will get queued, waiting to become a mark in your 2D space.  Drag those email marks around; whichever way you want to organize them.  

Double click on such marks to work on them in Thunderbird. You can also work on notes similarly.

Start now!

Eager for the next version?

We know that this has lots of potential. Instead of giving you all the features straightaway, we have a road map ahead.  That is why we are releasing this early at a low price. 

We too would love to move to the next version fast. Let us know what you want. Once we get enough feedback ...say around 100 people ...we'll tell you what we plan to do in the next version!

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Now relax! Take it easy!

Your emails are now well organized! The replies are thoughtful too.  

Just take a deep breath, drink some nice water. Go for a walk. Enjoy the world outside. Do some exercise. Make love. 

Whatever that makes you happy!

Our service gives you an intelligent 2D space for you to organize all your emails and the notes related to them. 

You are free to gather all that and arrange them using whatever that is comforting to you, in your own 2D space!